The “ac40 standard” pistol variation is similar to the earlier “ac40 added” pistol variation, except that the 40 was stamped below the ac marking on the slide rather than engraved. The range of serial numbers for the “ac40 standard” pistol variation is about 5900a to 10000b. Three magazine variations can be found in this range.

The magazine shown here is a 3rd "ac40 standard" magazine variation and was issued with "ac40 standard" pistols starting from serial number 7300a up to the end of 1940 (serial number 10000b).

P.38 is stamped on the left side of the housing. The spine is stamped with two E/359 inspection markings. The previous magazine variations had those markings stamped next to eachother at the bottom of the spine. This variation has the E/359 acceptance stamp on the lower right of the spine relocated toward the top of the spine. The other E/359 at the lower left of the spine remained in the same location as the previous magazine variations.



ac40 standard magazine 3rd variation walther P38

The serial number of the pistol was stamped on the toe of the floorplate. This location for the serial number was used untill 1942. The serial number 9897-b indicates that the matching pistol was produced in December 1940 and was one of the last pistols produced in that year as the highest serial number produced i is believed to be 10000-b.

ac40 standard 3rd variation floorplate walther magazine P38

The internal parts are stamped with the Walther inspection stamp E/359.

ac40-standard-3rd-variation internals